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Prevention of Harassment in the Workplace Policy Statement

Policy Statement Revision: January 1, 2014

Mike Dean’s Super Food Stores is committed to ensuring all management and employees are treated fairly in the workplace and will be provided a workplace free of harassment.

We will not tolerate behaviour from anyone (customers, fellow employees, management, contractors, suppliers, or drivers) that demeans, belittles, or causes personal embarrassment to an employee. Mike Dean’s Super Food Stores will take whatever steps are appropriate to protect our employees from potential harassment in the workplace .

Specifically, sexual harassment is any conduct, comment, gesture, or contact of sexual nature that causes offence or humiliation to an employee - male or female.

Management Responsibilities

Management will:

  1. Ensure all steps are taken to minimize the risk to our employees from harassment in the workplace
  2. Report and document all incidents of harassment
  3. Ensure confidentiality of complaints
  4. Senior Management will investigate and deal with all concerns, complaints, or incidents of workplace harassment in a timely and fair manner.
  5. Report the outcomes to our Joint Health and Safety Committee

Employee Responsibilities

Employees will:

This policy is not intended to limit or constrain the reasonable exercise of management functions in the workplace.

No manager or employee will be penalized or reprimanded when acting in good faith while following the procedures for addressing incidents of harassment in the workplace.

For clarity, harassment or discrimination under the Mike Dean’s Super Food Stores Harassment Policy and Program does not include reasonable action or conduct that is part of the day to day work function (i.e changes in work assignments, scheduling, job assessment and evaluation, workplace inspections, implementation of dress codes, disciplinary action, or workplace direction from Management) by Mike Dean’s Super Food Stores Management or Supervisors or differences of opinion or minor disagreements.

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